Cloud Management

Your business may benefit from cloud products or services. At Axiom, our cloud management encompasses public, private, and hybrid cloud products, services, and security.

Cloud Consulting

Every organization is unique. Some cloud services will work for some organizations while others may not. Many modern organizations operate in a Bimodal context that merges the world of Stability with Agility. This forces some organizations to adopt technologies and methodologies that can create risk in their environment. Axiom’s Cloud Consulting helps your organization answer these questions while making strong strategic decisions related to cloud.

Public Cloud Services

Axiom helps provide access to, and management of, public cloud services including Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Offsite Backups, Cloud Active Directory, and others.

Private Cloud Services

Axiom offers private cloud services to organizations who need to host servers and resources in a Tier 3 data center.

Hybrid Cloud

Axiom’s Hybrid Cloud services enable organizations to utilize both public and private cloud resources at the same time.  This “Best of Both Clouds” service allows organizations to leverage modern cloud services while continuing to use traditional environments.

Cloud SecOps

The cloud delivers amazing benefits to organizations. However, as new technologies are developed to increase the effectiveness of the cloud, security quickly becomes an afterthought. Axiom helps balance the challenges of agility and security as you migrate to the cloud.